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Interview on CNL2 TV with Jeff Noedel


County Council Candidate Stephanie O’Day Shares Campaign Themes 


Stephanie O’Day, a land use lawyer and long-term resident of San Juan Island, thinks County government can do more to help residents achieve the American Dream.

She feels the greatest of several crises the County is experiencing is a lack of affordable housing. She feels the lack of affordable housing has contributed to skyrocketing property values here, which has driven property taxes up significantly. She shared that she personally got a reverse mortgage to pay her $26,000 annual property tax bill. She also cited the high ratio of untaxed property in the County as a factor in high taxes.

She added, “We need workforce housing, which is separate from long-term housing.” She said another form of workforce housing is summer housing for workers. At several points in the interview, she sympathized with employers here who cannot hire enough employees.

She thinks the County’s four-day work-week was a mistake, especially because she feels it was made into policy too hastily.

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