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Farmers Insurance

"Stephanie's ability to work collaboratively truly sets her apart, and her unwavering compassion for others  - and their pain-points when working within San Juan County. She understands that true progress is achieved through unity and cooperation, not division. Her inclusive approach ensures that every voice is heard and every perspective is considered in the decision-making process. I wholeheartedly endorse Stephanie for County Council!"


Mike Carlson Enterprises

“I have known Stephanie both personally and professionally since she moved to San Juan Island with husband Pat O’Day. Stephanie is the real deal!  She has broad knowledge of the Island’s culture. She knows the difficulties that working class Islanders are facing just to continue living in the San Juans.  Housing and available land for housing are among the biggest challenges that local businesses and islanders face. Stephanie has a unique understanding of these challenges and better yet, she has the tenacity and knowledge to affect the changes that are needed help solve the housing availability crisis.

     Stephanie will be a BADASS county councilor!”


San Juan Surveying

"I have been a surveyor in San Juan County for over two decades.  In that time, as a land use professional, I have done my best to provide well-researched determinations to my clients and balanced their desires within the regulatory framework of local, state, and federal governmental agencies.  I have worked with Stephanie O’Day on numerous projects and have observed her serve her clients with passion and unwavering commitment.  Stephanie listens and works diligently to find the middle ground.  She is, first and foremost, a problem solver.  I wholeheartedly add my support to Stephanie as we need her on the San Juan County Council."


Keller Williams / Island Home Group

"Our county needs people able to work across the aisle for fair and predictable land use planning, quality childcare, affordable housing, and fire safe communities."


Coldwell Banker, SJI

"Stephanie would make an excellent County Council member due to her experience and knowledge gained from working with the County’s planning, permitting,  and development departments over the last 30 years.  She is very familiar with current functioning of those departments and where improvements are needed.   It is critical that we enhance those departments, to streamline their production. We need permitting of new construction  and remodels take less time and not be as expensive.  Stephanie is a supporter of property rights. 


One of Stephanie ‘s top concerns is affordable housing which is very important to me as a member of this community and as a Realtor.   The affordability of housing in our islands must be addressed now in order to have a diverse population.  Stephanie has numerous ideas that could be solutions for our affordable housing crisis. 

Stephanie O’Day as a Council  member will be the voice of reason .  I hope that you will vote for her."


Friend & Escrow Professional

"I have known Stephanie O’Day for over 30 years and am privileged to call her my friend. We have been in Kiwanis together, me for the last 25 years and her for the last 16 years. We have worked on many Kiwanis events together, including the Pig War Picnic, the Children’s Festival, Fish for Teeth, Touch-a-Truck and more. She is a tireless, hard worker for our community service group as well as a close personal friend. I’ve had the privilege of working with her in her law practice as well, running her escrow division and as legal assistant and she was always able to calm her clients and keep a level head if the situation got heated. She is very balanced and fair and can always see both sides of a situation and therefore a good mediator. I strongly recommend her for the position of County Council person because I think she would bring all of her legal and personal communication skills to the table."



Having been immersed in living, working, and volunteering on San Juan Island for over 30 years, Stephanie is an Islander. As an Islander and an attorney, she has become acutely aware of the challenges we face as a community; affordable housing, daycare, economic development, tourism, and transportation. Through her work, she has experienced San Juan County's cumbersome land use regulations and their impact on the construction trades and individuals trying to develop their land. She will seek the appropriate balance for the people and our precious environment. My vote is for Stephanie, who I believe will successfully navigate the nuances of the position of County Council and be a strong voice of reason here and in Olympia.



Stephanie Oday knows the nuts and bolts of the county and it’s regulation. She cares deeply for all Islanders and supports local agriculture. Stephanie will facilitate common sense regulation. We wholeheartedly support Steph!

rex and Lisa.jpg


I've worked with Stephanie O'Day for over 25 years.  She's bright, hardworking diligent and knows our country exceptionally well.  She'll make an excellent San Juan County Commissioner.  

Brent Snow



“Ready for someone in our local government who’s “on our side”?  Someone who has our backs and cares about all islanders?  Ready to amend the ADU restrictions to create affordable housing and help locals stay in their homes?  Vote for Stephanie Johnson O’Day!”




We are pleased to be supported/endorsed
by the following islanders:​

Steve Buck

Chris and Sherry Lawson
Bob Parrish - Lopez
Kirsten Clemens - Lopez
Brent Snow
Bob Wilson
Bob Anderson
Andy Holman
Stephanie Buffum
Sam Buck 
Mike Carlson
Pat Fox
David Corry
Jim Huesman
Bryan Vanderyacht
Jessica Chaffee
Adam Suhl
Jason Suhl
Michele Loftus
Dana Baker
Rex Stickle
Gene Wilson
Brian Brown
Philip Burkhardt
Steve Schramm
Rick Justiniano
Kevin McCullough
Blake Guard
Paula Sundstrom
Shannon Rishel
Jim Carroll
Don Kline
John Nance
Lisa DesJardins
Bonnie Hendrickson
Dick Sandmeyer
Tammy Cotton

Julie and Bobby Ross

Kim Smith

Ladd Holroyd

Pat and Lanny Carver

Lew and Debbie Dickinson

Bob Bulloch

Jerry and Sonni King

Gerry King

Tom Starr

Scott and Sarah Boden

Lori Ann David

Bill and Kathleen Tutor – Orcas

Christina Orchid – Orcas

Dave and Bert Moorhouse

Katie Blaine

Carla Higginson

Shawn Alexander

Lawrence Delay

Myron Williams

Carmen Dixon

Dave Olshefsky

Merri Ann Simonson

Bill Cornelius

Adam Draizin

Mike Gallagher

Joe Romano

Bob and Lauren Levinson

Don and Penny Torkington

Ken and Bonnie Sliger

Neil and Samantha Holloway

Dennis and Bobbi Youde

Ron and Marie DiCristina

Lisa and Rex Guard

Scott and Sarah Boden

Nancy and Eric Fusare

Harold and Pat Korell

Dave and Stacey Rude

Dave and Nancy Honeywell

Bob and Janine Wells

David and Mary Johnson

Debra Sullivan and Mitch Taylor

Francine Shaw

Ellen Johnson

Paulette Clayton

Cari Scheef

Susie Vejvoda Doyle

Teresa Smith

Myron WilliamsTim Daniels

Bob Brunkow

Tom Osterman

Martha Alvarado

Mike Deegan

Jim and Minnie Knych

Shane Bison

Karen Rouleau Miller

Don and Janis Crosby

Chuck Payne

Bo Turnage

Vinnie Vela

Don Burt Jr. – Lopez

Mark Heckle

Theresa Mathews

Susie Swindells

Craig Tall

Penny LeGate


With the Alvarados 

With some kids and dogs

Paulette hiking.jpg

​​With friends Paulette Clayton and Cari Scheef.   Hiking from English Camp to Westcott Bay Oyster Farm for lunch.



Lori Ann David - I look forward to having a new, strong County Council team with Stephanie championing the island's way-for businesses, for families... to make this special place economically viable-let's fix what's broken for all who call this HOME! Stephanie's experience and ability to get things done will be a great resource for the community.

Bobby Ross - As a builder and excavator, my vote goes to Stephanie O’Day.  Protect our island way of life!

Steph with Christina Orchid Orcas

steph orca 3.jpg

Steph with Bret Thurman, Orcas Island

Steph with former Council member,

Bob Jarman.

Stephanie with Bobby Ross and

Chuck Payne. 


At The Rolling Stones with

Samantha Bryner


Steph with Francine Shaw

Steph with Bob Egan, Orcas Island

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